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First Opinions on Bintro Match-making Service

I stumbled across Bintro while browsing the NY Semantic Web Meetup Community, looks like an activity community of 800-odd people. I joined Bintro today since I feel that there are opportunities in improved ‘match-making’ especially in the area job search and fulfillment. If anybody comes with a really good algorithm for ‘Match-making Engine’ using semantic web & other technologies, it has even potential to be even deployed within the firewall!

While signing up for the service, I felt that it is a bit of short-coming to allow only letters & comma in the expertise field. Otherwise it throws error: “Expertise can only contain letters and commas” but there are technology key-words which has numbers: web2.0, 2.5G mobile, 3G mobile, etc. Actually it turns out that expertise is a comma separated list of skills which gets copied to skills field in the user profile.

I wish there is support for importing linkedIn profile which I have been using for a few years now but at least there is import option from FaceBook. I tried this but it does not seem to work for me at least! So, I had to copy-paste from my profile multiple times each of the different fields. Once you setup a rich-enough profile, you can ‘compose a broadcast’ which specifies the details of your need/provision.

What Bintro’s  match-making engine (claimed to be their USP) does, is match the demand with supply. I am not sure if it integrates data from other sites, for e.g. Moster job site, but until they do that, I am not sure what value-add they can do for people who register in their site!!!

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