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Universal Charging Solution for Mobile – At Last!!!

Snap of the different types of mobile phone adapters that are there with me:

Mobile Phone Adapters Zoo

Mobile Phone Adapters Zoo

One can see the different types of the – in shapes, sizes and weights – on both ends. Not only that, the recent one pump in more current to charge faster. These are not the only ones I have, but there are a few more which I didn’t include. Not all of them are mine, some are left by the guests who came to my house !!! I am not sure what to do with all these. These will be thing of the past because of the GSM UCS standard to which many operators and manufacturers have committed themselves:

“The group has set an ambitious target that by 2012 a universal charging solution (UCS) will be widely available in the market worldwide and will use Micro-USB as the common universal charging interface. The group agreed that by the 1st January 2012, the majority of all new mobile phone models available will support a universal charging connector and the majority of chargers shipped will meet the high efficiency targets set out by the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform), the industry body who developed the technical requirements behind UCS.”

But we have wait until 2012 for this! May be we will have solar cells packed in the display itself by that time !!

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  1. October 26, 2009 at 7:05 pm


    I would like to know if there are programs to recycle cell phones and chargers anywhere in India. The reason is that I wrote into an article about this new charger standard: http://stop.zona-m.net/node/27 that until the day this charger comes, we’ll need to recycle the older ones correctly. I would like to add information to that article about recycling programs worldwide. If you know them, please let me know at mfioretti at nexaima, dot net

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