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Some LinkedIn Peeves

October 13, 2009 1 comment

Here are some of my peeves about LinkedIn from what I have tried in the last few days.

  1. They allow only 160 chars in the invite mesage, so I am forced to invent my own short forms:  for e.g.,LUT-on-OFW for Let’s Talk on One of Week-ends.
  2. No URLs in invite messages, I wonder what resembles like a URL in following text: “Since now I have time,shall we start on a book writing project? I thought you had some topics in your mind.LUT-on-OOW.”

I tried the MS-Outlook export as CSV & import into Outlook, no problem with that! I can rest assured that I have my LinkedIn contacts on my netbook also !!

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Asus P320 Smart-Phone Review

February 1, 2009 Leave a comment

After a long study & review of the feature available in WLAN enabled phones which works for fring service, I decided on buying one of Nokia N81 (even though it came in 2007 itself, my bidget was only Rs.14k max.) or Asus P320. I decided on Asus, not that it is using Windows Mobile 6.1 (exploring & learning that is one of my goals for this year), but it has better features compared to the price – I bought it for only Rs.10k in Hindu Online Shopping, without any microSD card or Bluetooth headset.

Anyways, after fiddling with it in the last 24-hours, I should say that I don’t have much regrets buying this reasonably designed, light smarty! The first thing I tried was to install fring client and try out the gtalk VoIP call over the home WLAN and fortunately one of my colleagues was still hanging out late night on gtalk. I was eager to check the voice quality over fring but to my disappointment, it was no where near the quality one would get using gtalk on your laptop over WLAN!

In general, the phone is low on the processor speed to run Windows Mobile and just two of the communications interfaces (WLAN & GSM) at the same time. The UI responses are slow and sometimes makes one impatient. IE Mobile was not responding once for me and I had to restart the phone. I should opera on this and see how it works. But I have been viewing youtube videos and reading news in the RSS reader and it has been working well so far. Yet to see how long the battery lasts while browsing thru’ WiFi alone!

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